In the Neighborhood, TRVE Brewing

It's not just what you buy, its where you buy it. Whether you want top quality, but don't want to take the long trip to make an in-and-out purchase- make a day out of it! With some of the best places to get breakfast, shop vintage, play games and grab drinks with great atmosphere within [...]

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Concentrates Vs. Flower

Consumption methods, to each their own. But for those interested in some of the things to look for in a quality alternative to smoking flower, ask our budtenders about our large selection of concentrate products. When it comes to the quality of a concentrate product, the purity of the cannabis extract used is most important. [...]

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When to Use THC & CBD Patches

When it comes to accurate dosing and the application, consumers want to get it right. When it comes to THC and CBD topicals, there are various products and applications available with varying doses of CBD and THC within each product. While many have tried THC or CBD creams, we take a look today at CBD [...]

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Edibles, The Perfect Occasion

Winter Cannabis Consumption: Winter Smoking Vs. Edibles Are you a garage smoker, or an outdoor toker? When it is especially cold, you know how are it can be to relax while your having a smoke. Perfect time to have some edibles in reserve.  Featured Product Dixie Gummies Our gummies are handmade and fully infused. Let [...]

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