Peak TV | HotBox With Incredibles

Cannabis host Blaze sits down with the CEO of Incredibles Edibles to talk about the company. 17 Flavors of chocolate, gummies, as well as a whole CBD line for those hesitant about THC- Incredibles has a product. We are currently promoting deals on Incredibles products including gummies at $15 for 100mg and 20% off their [...]

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Peak TV | HotBox With Gigi’s Catering

Talking infused butter, oils, and sauces, your cannabis host Blaze sits down with Gigi's Catering to try the new THC butter infused chicken and waffles, while our buddy Chris from Summit CBD joins for nibble. Learn about the butter, events, and of course the food! Gigi's Catering can also hook you up with infused Tacos [...]

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Peak TV | HotBox With Natty Rems

Interested in some amazing new strains about to hit your palette? Natty Rems has a couple new strains you can purchase at Peak Dispensary that might be right up your ally. Check out this video to learn about Natty Rems OG , Space Queen, and Wavy Gravy! Social Media About Natty Rems As it [...]

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