DENVER – The midterm elections legalized recreational marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C.

With so much of Colorado’s pot revenue coming from tourism, are marijuana dispensaries concerned that sales could drop?

Justin Henderson at Peak Dispensary in Denver says marijuana tourism is big business.

“I’d say it’s close to 90-percent is currently coming from out of state,” says Henderson. “Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas — really, it’s everywhere.”

Tourists come to Colorado for the mountains, skiing, and the legal pot.

“Basically, the thrill of being able to purchase something without the guilt of feeling like a criminal,” says Peak Dispensary’s Jeremiah Baca. “They come in here and they’re just in awe of the way things are organized.”

The dispensary’s setup is impressive. Everything you would want, if you want marijuana. With Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. making pot legal, will the flow of tourism dollars slow down?

“Not immediately,” says Henderson. “Maybe down the road it will effect us, but I think overall it’s good for business.”

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