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We are kicking off the 4/20 week this year with a weeks worth festivities. From Education to Events. We would like you to be apart of the week in some capacity so we can showcase the elite brands. VENDORS & SPONSORSHIP SIGN-UP

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Peak TV | HotBox With Incredibles

Cannabis host Blaze sits down with the CEO of Incredibles Edibles to talk about the company. 17 Flavors of chocolate, gummies, as well as a whole CBD line for those hesitant about THC- Incredibles has a product. We are currently promoting deals on Incredibles products including gummies at $15 for 100mg and 20% off their [...]

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Peak TV | HotBox With Gigi’s Catering

Talking infused butter, oils, and sauces, your cannabis host Blaze sits down with Gigi's Catering to try the new THC butter infused chicken and waffles, while our buddy Chris from Summit CBD joins for nibble. Learn about the butter, events, and of course the food! Gigi's Catering can also hook you up with infused Tacos [...]

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Peak TV | HotBox With Natty Rems

Interested in some amazing new strains about to hit your palette? Natty Rems has a couple new strains you can purchase at Peak Dispensary that might be right up your ally. Check out this video to learn about Natty Rems OG , Space Queen, and Wavy Gravy! Social Media https://www.instagram.com/nrx_crx_culture/https://www.facebook.com/nattyrems About Natty Rems As it [...]

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In the Neighborhood, TRVE Brewing

It's not just what you buy, its where you buy it. Whether you want top quality, but don't want to take the long trip to make an in-and-out purchase- make a day out of it! With some of the best places to get breakfast, shop vintage, play games and grab drinks with great atmosphere within [...]

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Concentrates Vs. Flower

Consumption methods, to each their own. But for those interested in some of the things to look for in a quality alternative to smoking flower, ask our budtenders about our large selection of concentrate products. When it comes to the quality of a concentrate product, the purity of the cannabis extract used is most important. [...]

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When to Use THC & CBD Patches

When it comes to accurate dosing and the application, consumers want to get it right. When it comes to THC and CBD topicals, there are various products and applications available with varying doses of CBD and THC within each product. While many have tried THC or CBD creams, we take a look today at CBD [...]

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Edibles, The Perfect Occasion

Winter Cannabis Consumption: Winter Smoking Vs. Edibles Are you a garage smoker, or an outdoor toker? When it is especially cold, you know how are it can be to relax while your having a smoke. Perfect time to have some edibles in reserve.  Featured Product Dixie Gummies Our gummies are handmade and fully infused. Let [...]

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Felipe Esparza at Peak!

The leading online guide to the world of cannabis. Check them out to find dispensaries, 420-friendly lodging plus cannabis events, activities, dispensary deals and more! PotGuide is also sponsoring my meet & greet in Denver on December 21st! Stop by Peak Dispensary from 4p-6p, say hi, take a photo with me and then get a [...]

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An Untenable Conflict Between the Feds and Legal Weed

Legal weed is at a crossroads. While some cannabis legalization proponents claim their movement has grown too big to fail, it has also proved too significant for the federal government to ignore. The Trump administration is mulling its approach to the state-regulated systems that conflict with federal law. On Capitol Hill, conversations about legal cannabis have picked [...]

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New Age, New Stoner

“Being a stoner is simply the experimental acceptance of one idea: There’s nothing wrong with being stoned.” source I was at the Denver Zoo the other Saturday with my boyfriend. Both of us indulged in a couple of joints before seeing all the animals. As we stood watching the grizzly bears play in the sun, [...]

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Breaking Down the Plant – Cannabidiol

With laws pertaining to recreational cannabis on the ballots in over 20 states this November, more and more people are wondering about the beneficial effects that stem from this amazing plant. Most people know about THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the main cannabinoids in the plant. It creates the psychoactive effect known as “getting [...]

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Westword – Strain Gang: Phantom OG Kush at Peak Dispensary

Broadway’s notorious dispensary row is known for cramped quarters and strong cannabis, but some shops can claim only the former. Sad to say, using popular strain names for pot that doesn’t live up to its legendary reputation is an easy way to take advantage of tourists and yuppies leaving happy hour on Broadsterdam. Would Peak [...]

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The Denver Post – What’s next for cannabis industry? Diverse, portable business models

Justin Henderson was a little gun-shy at first. But it was 2008, and the Great Recession had stalled the real estate industry, leaving the Denver-based developer sitting on properties that weren’t cash-flowing. When a couple of friends and colleagues started leasing their warehouses to pot growers, Henderson weighed his own options. “It’s a tricky thing [...]

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Dope Directory – Peak Dispensary | Review : Denver

If I were to tell you that I’ve never committed any shenanigans while under the influence of marijuana, I would be flat-out lying. One particular night some years back, a couple friends and I planned on hanging out and just going with whatever the night had in store for us. While two of us waited [...]

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5280 Magazine – Colorado Etiquette: Your Guide to Visiting Pot Shops

Whether you're a regular at dispensaries or you've never stepped foot in one, follow these tips during your next visit. Whether your local budtender knows you by name, or you have yet to step foot in a dispensary, there are probably some etiquette rules you aren’t aware of. As the dispensaries themselves iron out the [...]

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New Cannabis Ventures – Colorado Cannabis Industry Hits Its Stride

The Denver Post provided a comprehensive review of the Colorado cannabis industry as it nears the end of its second year of existence as fully legal, pointing to how legalization has removed stigma and allowed entrepreneurs to thrive after struggling prior to 2014, when it was legal for medical patients only. Only 15 percent of [...]

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ABC 7 News Denver – Colorado’s marijuana dispensaries not worried about losing sales to competition from other states

DENVER - The midterm elections legalized recreational marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. With so much of Colorado's pot revenue coming from tourism, are marijuana dispensaries concerned that sales could drop? Justin Henderson at Peak Dispensary in Denver says marijuana tourism is big business. "I'd say it's close to 90-percent is currently coming from [...]

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Denver Fox 31 – Pot shops’ access to national banking system rests in judge’s hands

DENVER -- Should Colorado pot shops be able to use the nation’s banking system? That’s the question put forth to a Federal judge Monday. It’s one of the marijuana industry’s biggest hurdles. Pot sales, legal in Colorado, are still illegal federally. Which means for now, they are cash only operations. “It’s difficult. It’s hard to [...]

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