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Due to their uplifting, cerebral highs, Sativa strains are great for activity and stimulating creativity.

2 Pak-alolo (27% THC) Blue Diesel (19% THC) Brotherhood (24.6% THC)
Chem Sis (29.01% THC) Casey Jones (20.7% THC) Cherry Diesel (31% THC, 1.26% CBD)
Durban Poison (20.38% THC) East Coast Sour Diesel (24% THC) Green Velvet (21.8% THC)
Island Sweet Skunk (18.71% THC) Jack Flash (21.96% THC) Lemon Cap (19.27% THC)
Peach Oz (17.7% THC) Pipe Dream (26% THC) Strawberry Cough (30.53% THC)
Sueno (27.9% THC) Super Lemon Haze (25.92% THC) Tangerine Haze (23.19% THC)


Due to their balanced blends between Sativa and Indica, Hybrids are great for day-to-day use. These strains are perfect for daily activities, from laundry day to backyard BBQs.

AK-47 (21.6% THC) Alien Nightmare (24.3% THC) Blue Dream (26.72% THC)
Bus Driver (27.4% THC) Cheesel (26% THC) Chemdawg #4 (23.8% THC)
Chemmy Jones (31.77% THC) Citrus Sap (31.2% THC) Dutch Treat Haze (24.28% THC)
Harlequin (5.25% THC, 9.85% CBD) Headband OG (29% THC) Jabberwocky (24.8% THC)
Race Fuel OG (21.99% THC) SFV OG (21.7% THC) Slick Willy (21.7% THC)
Snowcap (29.61% THC) Sour Diesel Deep Chunk (19.27% THC, 1.69% CBD) Space Cream (24.55% THC)


Because of their body-dominant highs, Indica strains are perfect for relaxing after a long day. They can even help with insomnia.

Banana Kush (24.7% THC) Bubba Berry (19% THC) Bubba White (22.9% THC)
Cannalope (29.7% THC) Cookies N Cream (19% THC) Danky Kong (26.37% THC)
Grape Kush (28.8% THC) Grape Stomper (28.75% THC) Incredible Power (9.44% THC 11.44% CBD)
Jolene (14.6% THC) Ken’s Kush (16.74% THC) Kosher Kush (25.49% THC 1.23% CBD)
Nepali Kush (22.44% THC 1.37% CBD) Nerds (25.59% THC, 2.44% CBD) Purple Dawg Breath (25.6% THC)
Rocky Mountain Blueberry (20.58% THC) Southwest Stomper (25.2% THC)