“Being a stoner is simply the experimental acceptance of one idea: There’s nothing wrong with being stoned.”


I was at the Denver Zoo the other Saturday with my boyfriend. Both of us indulged in a couple of joints before seeing all the animals. As we stood watching the grizzly bears play in the sun, I looked around at all the people enjoying themselves with their friends and families. I wondered to myself, who all here is high?

Have you ever looked up “what is a stoner?” on Google? The results are pretty entertaining. As someone who smokes every day (and has been for years), the “signs” of pointing out a stoner are a little stigmatic. Stoners are everywhere — we’re business people, parents, CEOs, artists, performers, teachers, bartenders. We have long days at the office. We enjoy ourselves with our friends and families at the zoo. In today’s world, “stoners” are all around us, and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, a cannabis-infused lifestyle is still taboo.

It’s time to debunk those “stoner signs.”


We don’t all wear tie dye or have dreads.

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Contrary to popular belief, not all stoners own tie dye or have their hair dreadlocked. In fact, we’re switching out tie dye for suit and ties. We’re replacing bong rips on the couch with joints on our lunchbreak from the office. The average age of a cannabis consumer is 37.6 years old according to the July 2016 Industry report from Headset

 We are extremely active.

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Smoking a bowl doesn’t always confine us to the couch. More and more athletes are coming out saying that smoking before activity (i.e. workingout, going for a hike, biking, skiing, etc) can actually give you a similar energizing feeling as pre-workout. Cannabis is also a bronchodilator which makes breathing easier, and the psychoactive effects can even help you work out longer by shifting your focus to just the exercise at hand.

We don’t just eat junk food and Taco Bell.

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Even though we do indulge in burritos and Doritos every once in awhile, for many people smoking enhances their creativity in the kitchen. Ask Anthony Bourdain!


Author: Nicolette Clynes