Winter Cannabis Consumption: Winter Smoking Vs. Edibles

Are you a garage smoker, or an outdoor toker? When it is especially cold, you know how are it can be to relax while your having a smoke. Perfect time to have some edibles in reserve. 

Featured Product

Dixie Gummies

Our gummies are handmade and fully infused. Let the gummy fully dissolve in your mouth for quicker up-take Dixie Edibles are triple lab tested for consistency and quality When you consume a Dixie edible, the THC is processed in your liver—transforming from a ?-9 is to a more potent 11-hydroxy Edibles can take longer to take effect than other methods of THC uptake, but the effects often last much longer too.

Why Edibles

dixie edibles denver co peak dispensary

If you’d like edibles or you’d like to be discrete with your cannabis experience, browse our huge selection of edibles! Our endless racks of high-end the best edibles brands in Denver at our recreational dispensary. Out of all the great Denver pot stores in the city, Peak offers both a large selection brownies, gummies, cookies, and jerky to choose from, as well as short lines and knowledgeable, friendly staff  to help answer any of your questions.